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Portfolio Description

Member of the Trade Facilitation consulting team as part of a national project implementing a SW (Single Window) for the Ministry of Trade & Industry and submission of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) report

Met with government stakeholders to review the current process and recommend and advise ways to streamline and facilitate trade with Trinidad and Tobago. Meetings with the following government departments as follows:

Bureau of Standards (BIS)- Import / Export commodities controlled by BIS with approval needed on cargo release documents
Company Registry- Automating a paper process including company name search, incorporation documents and approval processes
Ports Authority – Automating the submission of electronic manifests into the port from shipping lines
Work Permits – Automating the process to allow companies to apply for work permits online
Ministry of Agriculture – Linking up approval for food items to the cargo release process
Permits and Licences – Applying for import/export licences online
ATA Carnets – Proposed process for incorporating the use of Carnets in Trinidad and Tobago
Certificate of Origin – Proposed use of eCO (Electronic Certificate of Origin)
Customs Brokers Association- Proposal and discussion of automating the submission of cargo release details and collection of duty and taxes after cargo release to speed the flow of trade into the country